What Is Cloud/VPS Hosting?

What is VPS Hosting? VPS, or Virtual Private Server, hosting can be thought of as the merger and between stage of shared and dedicated hosting. It shares similarities to both hosting types, and it’s right in the middle when it comes to power and management. This is like a shared hosting because several VPS accounts are hosted on a single server. However, it’s like a dedicated host because the VPS is made specifically for you, it has more power and you are, technically, getting your own server. What you are really getting is a large chunk of the server’s hard drive space that is made specifically for your website. There are several VPS types, but the two most common are normal and cloud-based accounts.

Normal Vs Cloud VPS Hosting Normal VPS hosting is when you get a large partition of the server’s hard drive for your website. It takes time for the host to create this partition, which means that it might be a day or two before you can start using your website. Cloud VPS hosting means that your resources are hosted in the cloud. The partition is made almost instantly, so you can use your website within seconds. The resources are scattered amongst many different servers, which means that scaling is much easier.

Normal VPS hosting is often more secure and it better emulates a dedicated host, while cloud VPS hosting is best for instant availability and scalability. How Does it Work? The host will create a large partition in the server’s hard drive to host your website. Unlike shared hosting where only your website is placed inside that partition, VPS hosting places a virtualized server in that partition. This means that you are technically getting your own server, but the server is entirely virtual. There are often several virtual servers on one physical server.

This means that there is some competition over resources, but not nearly as much as shared hosting. Since you are getting a virtual server, you will be able to manage some of the server’s tasks. You normally don’t have to manage everything, though some hosts will give you this power. You can often monitor the server, update some software and you might also have control of the OS, though this is rare.

Who Needs it? A VPS is best for people that have outgrown a shared host. This is also good for websites that have too many resources and heavy files for shared hosting, but don’t have enough traffic to justify a dedicated hosting. If you consistently get over 1,000 unique visitors a day, then you might want to consider a VPS host. This ensures that you will get enough resources without having your website suspended. A VPS is also good for people that want some power over the server.

Common Pricing The VPS is usually built according to your needs, but pricing is fairly standard with VPS hosting. You can often expect to pay around $20-50 a month for a good VPS host. Stronger VPS accounts might run as high as $100 a month, but at that point you might want to consider a dedicated host.